How about work with digital

I started to work with Digital last year, but I have been working with eCommerce since 2009, I mean officially in B2C (business to customer) operations, also I have worked with eCommerce since 2006, when I needed to make a system for one of the biggest Brazilian pharmaceutic industries to it communicate with its buyers.

Well, at this time, from to 2006 to 2012 it was not normal to hear the term “digital”, nowadays it is so normally than:

  • Big Data – this concept is not so young, actually the technologies allow data processing with great scale, then, we started to work with massive data in a very large scale
  • IoT (Internet of Things) – wearables like Iwatch and some bracelets can verify how is the person’s heart, how many calories one person is losing while this one is practicing some sport etc.
  • NoSQL (not only SQL) – Databases with characteristics that determines a type or group specialized in Database’s softwares

After I started to work in eCommerce’s Startup of fast fashion, I started to hear this term “Digital”, after in a great retailer, and after in my own company (for while small but focused in system integration), and now at the bigger Digital Agency and consulting in the world, I hear this every day and all the time…

IMHO we have started living in the “Digital Culture”, because nowadays less than half of the population in the world has access to the Internet, only 44%.

When we talk about the Digital Culture, we can see social networks connected one with each other, for example Twitter + Linkedin or Instagram + Facebook, people who communicate in a lot of social networks, global interaction between the users, and the most interesting to me: a collective mind.

The collective mind is the concept of a lot of minds without limits working together, of course it is concern of the minds plugged in a social network.

When you have the opportunity to work with a lot of people who have this type of behavior (digital culture, and it is only the begining) I think you can’t  have a blocker in your mind.


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